Research Publications

Journal Articles
Watson, A. 2019. Methods Braiding: A technique for arts-based and mixed-methods research. Sociological Research Online. Published OnlineFirst May 30 2019.

Watson, A. 2016. Directions for Public Sociology: Novel Writing as a Creative ApproachCultural Sociology 10(4): 431-447. Published OnlineFirst April 26 2016. Most-Read Cultural Sociology article for April 2016.

Talks and Events
Forthcoming. Invited Keynote. Creativity and Methodological Innovation in the Sociology of Familial and Intimate Relationships. TASA Families and Relationships Thematic Group event. Western Sydney University, Parramatta. November 29.

Forthcoming. Invited workshop. Affect, Knowledge and Embodiment: A Critical Feminist Arts/Research Workshop. Australian National University, Canberra. November 21.

Forthcoming. Workshop. Algorithmic Micropolitics: a zine making workshop. UNSW, Sydney. September 9.

2019. Workshop. Affect, Knowledge and Embodiment: A Critical Feminist Arts/Research Workshop. Griffith University, Brisbane. July 19.

2018. Workshop. Affect, Knowledge and Embodiment: A Critical Feminist Arts/Research Masterclass. Monash University, Melbourne. 16 November.

Book Reviews
(In Press) ‘Spark’ by Patricia Leavy, Cultural Sociology.

2019. ‘Spark’ by Patricia LeavyThe Qualitative Report24(5): 1052-1054.

2018. ‘Migrant City’ by Les Back and Shamser Sinha, Journal of Sociology, 55(1): 184-186.

2016. ‘Girlhood and the Politics of Place’ by Claudia Mitchell and Carrie Rentschler, Children, Youth and Environments Journal, 26(2): 157-158.

Recent Conference Papers
November 22 2018. “Sociological Fiction and the Neoliberal Imaginary”, The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) 2018 National Conference, ‘Precarity, Rights and Resistance’, Melbourne Australia.

February 15 2018. “Fiction as Method”, The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) and Western Sydney University Institute for Culture and Society, School of Social Sciences and Psychology, and Graduate Research School workshop for postgraduates and ECRs Modern Methodologies: Developments in Doing Sociological Research, Parramatta Australia.

November 30 2017. “Braiding a ‘Society Ethic’ with Spinoza and Sociological Fiction”, The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) 2017 National Conference Belonging in a Mobile World, Perth Australia.

Blogs and Interviews
2019. An interview with Patricia Leavy, So Fi Zine edition #5.

2019. Creativity and So Fi Zine, The Australian Sociological Association.

2018. Reviewing Sociological FictionThe Sociological Review.

2018. Modern Methodologies: Developments in Doing Sociological ResearchThe Australian Sociological Association.

2017. Writing Sociological Fiction and Making So Fi Zine, British Sociological Association Postgraduate Forum.

2017. Making So Fi, a sociological fiction zineThe Sociological Review.

2017. Postgraduate Day, TASA Conference 2016Nexus.

2017. Featured Member Profile: Ashleigh WatsonThe Australian Sociological Association: Postgraduates.

2016. Sociological Research Questions interviewGriffith University.

2016. An Interview with Sociologist Patricia LeavyThe Sociological Imagination.

2016. Some Thoughts on ‘Sociological Fiction’The Sociological Review.