Current Projects

As a sociologist, I’m interested in the patterns, relationships, environments and social structures of contemporary society. I have expertise in arts-based and qualitative research methods, and in social theory on affect, relationality and biopolitics. I’m passionate about using creative approaches to better understand the complexity of experience, and am developing a sociological research program focused on arts and design – particularly the links and loops between epistemology and politics, and aesthetics and ontology. My current projects span sociological fiction, design platforms, and creative practices.

So Fi Zine
I am the creator and editor of So Fi Zine (ISSN 2209-3028), an open access sociological fiction zine. Submissions are currently open for edition #5. Since launching, So Fi Zine has reached over 5,000 readers with 23,000 views across 85 countries. The zine has contributions from field leaders including Patricia Leavy, Howard Becker, Les Back, Nirmal Puwar, Raewyn Connell, and Michael Burawoy (forthcoming). Editions of So Fi Zine have launched at the London Radical Bookfair and the MCA Zine Fair, Sydney.

Queering the Map
Focusing on relationships between design, space and storytelling, this project explores peoples’ experiences with Queering the Map, a micro-storytelling, map-based website featuring community-generated content—a design platform where individuals anonymously geolocate their experiences, memories and histories on an online global map. This project explores how people ‘do’ community through a digital storytelling platform.

Fiction @ TSR
I am the Fiction Editor for The Sociological Review. TSR seeks high quality fiction that is considered, reflective and attuned to these sensitivities, that is sociological in style, scope and sensibility – work that imaginatively extends sociology’s study of society into fiction. TSR is seeking submissions of sociological short stories that critically and creatively explore the social as well as the politics and consequences of sociology itself.

Affect, Knowledge and Embodiment
This project explores contemporary developments in critical feminist arts/research methods. With masterclass participants, we explore ways of practically extending critical and feminist social research with art – specifically with photography, sociological fiction and zine making. These arts practices are valuable for opening up how we critically explore, analyse, collaborate on, and share experiences and understandings of the social world. As part of this project, Laura Rodriguez Castro, Samantha Trayhurn and myself produce AKE Zine.

Sociological Fiction Novel
I am completing my first sociological fiction novel, which I created as part of my doctoral project on fiction, Spinoza, individualism and creative public sociology. I was awarded my PhD in October 2018.

Frances St Press
I founded and run Frances St Press, an independent online publishing platform for arts and social science cross-disciplinary inquiry. Titles include So Fi Zine and AKE Zine, a collaborative and interdisciplinary critical feminist/arts publication.

Creative Works

Short Stories and Poetry
In press. Home is a Jade Egg in my Mouth. Brain Drip.

2018. Allen KeySo Fi Zine, edition 3.

2018. Folded Up. Pink Cover Zine, edition 1.

2017. 10 Scenes in London, 2017, So Fi Zine, edition 1.

2017. Joan Didion’s Recipe BookBareknuckle Poet Annual Anthology Vol. 2.

2016. Single Beds Make Sleepovers DifficultSCUM Magazine.

2016. Men Are Not From Mars (the death of an almost-relationship)Getamungstit.

2016. Joan Didion’s Recipe BookBareknuckle Poet Journal of Letters.

2014. The Glitter Strip-DownTeaching Youth Studies Through Popular Culture.

2013. Happy Never After, Talent Implied: new writing from Griffith.

2013. Vajazzled, Talent Implied: new writing from Griffith.

2013. Graffiti Revolution, Talent Implied: new writing from Griffith.

2011. UntitledThe Splash.

2019. Possessed by a Sense of the TrapOverland (online)

2016. The Top Job: Reflections on Australia’s First Female Prime Minister, Getamungstit.

2016. Crossing the Red LineGetamungstit.

2014. StoneTeaching Youth Studies Through Popular Culture.

Research Publications

Journal Articles
(In Press) Methods Braiding: A technique for arts-based and mixed methods research. Sociological Research Online.

2016. Directions for Public Sociology: Novel Writing as a Creative ApproachCultural Sociology 10(4): 431-447. Published OnlineFirst April 26 2016. Most-Read Cultural Sociology article for April 2016.

Book Reviews
(In Press) ‘Spark’ by Patricia Leavy, in Cultural Sociology.

(In Press) ‘Spark’ by Patricia Leavy, in The Qualitative Report.

2018. ‘Migrant City’ by Les Back and Shamser Sinha, in Journal of Sociology. Online First:

2016. ‘Girlhood and the Politics of Place’ by Claudia Mitchell and Carrie Rentschler, in Children, Youth and Environments Journal 26(2): 157-158

Recent Conference Papers
November 22 2018. “Sociological Fiction and the Neoliberal Imaginary”, The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) 2018 National Conference, ‘Precarity, Rights and Resistance’, Melbourne Australia.

November 16 2018. “Sociological Fiction”, Affect, Knowledge and Embodiment: a critical feminist arts/research masterclass, hosted by Monash University, Melbourne Australia.

February 15 2018. “Fiction as Method”, The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) and Western Sydney University Institute for Culture and Society, School of Social Sciences and Psychology, and Graduate Research School workshop for postgraduates and ECRs Modern Methodologies: Developments in Doing Sociological Research, Parramatta Australia.

November 30 2017. “Braiding a ‘Society Ethic’ with Spinoza and Sociological Fiction”, The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) 2017 National Conference Belonging in a Mobile World, Perth Australia.

Blogs and Interviews
2019. Creativity and So Fi Zine, The Australian Sociological Association.

2018. Reviewing Sociological FictionThe Sociological Review.

2018. Modern Methodologies: Developments in Doing Sociological ResearchThe Australian Sociological Association.

2017. Writing Sociological Fiction and Making So Fi ZineBritish Sociological Association Postgraduate Forum.

2017. Making So Fi, a sociological fiction zineThe Sociological Review.

2017. Postgraduate Day, TASA Conference 2016Nexus.

2017. Featured Member Profile: Ashleigh WatsonThe Australian Sociological Association: Postgraduates.

2016. Sociological Research Questions interviewGriffith University.

2016. An Interview with Sociologist Patricia LeavyThe Sociological Imagination.

2016. Some Thoughts on ‘Sociological Fiction’The Sociological Review.

Talks and Events
Forthcoming. Invited Keynote. Creativity and Methodological Innovation in the Sociology of Familial and Intimate Relationships. TASA Families and Relationships Thematic Group event. Western Sydney University, Parramatta. November 29.

Forthcoming. Workshop. Affect, Knowledge and Embodiment: A Critical Feminist Arts/Research Workshop. Griffith University, Brisbane. July 19.

2018. Workshop. Affect, Knowledge and Embodiment: A Critical Feminist Arts/Research Masterclass. Monash University, Melbourne. 16 November.