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Folded Up. Pink Cover Zine, edition 1

10 Scenes in London, 2017, So Fi, a sociological fiction zine, edition 1

Joan Didion’s Recipe BookBareknuckle Poet Annual Anthology Vol. 2

The Top Job: Reflections on Australia’s First Female Prime Minister, Getamungstit

Single Beds Make Sleepovers DifficultSCUM Magazine

Men Are Not From Mars (the death of an almost-relationship)Getamungstit

Joan Didion’s Recipe BookBareknuckle Poet Journal of Letters

Crossing the Red LineGetamungstit

The Glitter Strip-DownTeaching Youth Studies Through Popular Culture

Happy Never After, Talent Implied: new writing from Griffith

Vajazzled, Talent Implied: new writing from Griffith

Graffiti Revolution, Talent Implied: new writing from Griffith

UntitledThe Splash