Blogs & Interviews

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Reviewing Sociological FictionThe Sociological Review. 2018.

Modern Methodologies: Developments in Doing Sociological ResearchThe Australian Sociological Association. 2018.

Writing Sociological Fiction and Making So Fi ZineBritish Sociological Association Postgraduate Forum. 2017.

Making So Fi, a sociological fiction zineThe Sociological Review. 2017.

Postgraduate Day, TASA Conference 2016Nexus. 2017.

Featured Member Profile: Ashleigh Watson, The Australian Sociological Association: Postgraduates. 2017.

Sociological Research Questions interviewGriffith University. 2016.

An Interview with Sociologist Patricia Leavy, The Sociological Imagination. 2016.

The Top Job: Reflections on Australia’s First Female Prime MinisterGetamungstit. 2016.

Some Thoughts on ‘Sociological Fiction’The Sociological Review. 2016.

StoneTeaching Youth Studies Through Popular Culture. 2014.