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Directions for Public Sociology: Novel Writing as a Creative ApproachCultural Sociology. vol 10, no. 4. pp. 431-447. 

Published OnlineFirst, April 26 2016. Most-Read Cultural Sociology article for April 2016.

This article presents a creative direction for public sociology: novel writing. Narrativity is embedded within much contemporary sociological work, and sociologists and novelists share a number of complementary approaches for understanding and interpreting the social world. This article argues that novel writing presents sociologists with a process and medium through which they can expand their work for a more public, engaging, affective, and panoramic sociology. Here, the historical development of sociological thought is considered as well as the recent progress of public sociology. Three key strengths of sociological novels are presented: promoting public sociology and interlocutor engagement; transforming knowledge exchange from mimetic to sympractic communication; and addressing issues of scope…